Bernard Mulvany

Bernard is a stay at home full time carer to his daughter who was born into a wheelchair. In the 90’s Bernard left Ireland to travel the world and spent the next 7yrs living abroad visiting different countries mainly in Asia and Australia. In 2006 he returned to Ireland with his wife when the country was in the grip of the Celtic tiger. Bernard worked in construction until late 2009 when he was made redundant at the same time he and his wife and were expecting their first child. In 2010 they gave birth to their first child a little girl who was born with spina bifida and is a full time wheelchair user. A year later the family welcomed a son into the world.

Through his daughter Bernard became very aware of the inequality and discrimination that the disabled community faces every day and the failure of government to address these issues. Through these experiences and through a campaign of activism of 4yrs protesting the failure of government to ratify the UN convention on people with disabilities Bernard realised that to effect change he had to get involved to become his daughter’s voice. All through these protests at government buildings the only elected representative to consistently support us was Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit. It became very clear that this was the only party that was willing to address the suffering and ongoing discrimination faced by the disabled community and on a wider scale the only party giving a voice to those suffering and alot of the time suffering in silence whether it be health, financial or social issues. This is why I am proud to have been nominated as the representative for Marino and Clontarf in the forthcoming local elections I believe that the party are the only party putting people first and addressing the major social issues that face our country and the only party that I can see with an inclusive vision for my children and their friends at a time of unprecedented housing and health care needs.