Meet Bernard

Bernard is a stay at home full time carer to his daughter who was born into a wheelchair. In the 90’s Bernard left Ireland to travel the world and spent the next 7yrs living abroad visiting different countries mainly in Asia and Australia. In 2006 he returned to Ireland with his wife when the country was in the grip of the Celtic tiger.

After The National Children’s Hospital- Another Cost Over-Run

Unbelievable. After the scandal over the National Children’s Hospital, Varadkar has just announced that installing broadband in rural areas ‘will be much more expensive than...

Brexit And Driver Licenses: Just Sort It

Drivers from the North may have to apply for new documentation to cross the border, if there is a no deal Brexit. The National...

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I want to run a campaign that challenges the interests of the corporations and the rich in Ireland. Neither People Before Profit nor I accept donations from the wealthy instead we rely on working people who share our vision.

If you want to see a working-class fighter elected to local council, someone to stand for the people and planet – not for the big corporations, then please consider donating to my campaign.

Whether you can contribute €5, €10, €20 or €50 your donations will help us fund videos, leaflets, posters and a website to build a campaign that’s puts People Before Profit!

There are other ways you can help our campaign including so please get in touch with our team and together we can put socialist politics on the agenda!